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Since zombies are reanimated dead. Then given enouf time the flesh would begin to rot. Unless the blood does not coagulate and still moves through the circulatory system. Does the flesh rot over time or not? any ideas


seems we have been gone for a while. slight zombie outbreak. It appears michigan wasn't a zombie free zone after all. Be ready and careful my fellow zombie hunters. National security relies on you all.


You discover that your parents are bitten by a zombie and are surely turning into one as well, how do you handle this situation?


Halloween is coming, who wants to start a zombie hunting party???


As is it's getting closer to Holloween, you're going to have to be a little more careful when taking out zombies!


We have confirmed through the ZRS that we can work together with local Chapters!


What is your idea of zombie armor?


There is a game for the xbox 360 called "I MAED A GAM3 W1TH ZOMBIES 1N IT!!!1" this game is AWESOME and only costs $1


if it were possible, would you be opposed to a zombie army working for mankind?


What are we doing today? The MZHA is looking into possible zombie sightings!


"The great thing about being with a zombie is, you know they want you for your mind."


What is your favorite melee / distance weapon combo?


We've been asked to inform everyone that drunk people do not equal zombies.


Who would you like to see as a zombie?


gandhi is turning into a zombie, how do you deal with it?


The Mzha has ordered new jackets and photos will be uploaded as soon as the order arrives!


We're sorry for the lack of posts lately but we've been meeting behind closed doors in preparation for our new ZEU unit!


We've gotten a few requests for MZHA shirts. What's your feedback? Do you like them?


After the people we've dealt with this week we think a screening process is extremely necessary!!


Where is the first place you'd go once you realized the zombie threat had come true?


Do you have you're drills ready? Should you run a drill soon?


Whould you be willing to become zombie food if you knew it would save 10 other people?


Assume you're in a basement when you find out zombies are real. Also assume that at that very moment a zombie starts coming down the stairs. How do you get out?


We feel there is a need to train for the zombie invasion....


if your spouse or bestfriend was bit by a zombie and was turning into one, would you kill them right away, or wait for the transformation to be complete?


We watched Fido again the other night. What do you think about the idea of collars controlling zombies? Fact or fiction?

They are making Zombieland 2 and talking about making it in 3D. What do you guys think about it?
SXSW 2010: 'Zombieland 2' Director Talks 3D - FEARNet

They are making Zombieland 2 and talking about making it in 3D. What do you guys think about it?

Today during a panel at the Austin, TX film festival SXSW, director Ruben Fleischer offered horror fans a few hints about his plans for Zombieland 2, which is being shot in 3-D. “I’ve been going to all ...


Who thinks a cleared out max security prison would be a good Center of Operations?


Offroad Jeep or F-150?


the plan went wrong! time is limited, what would you put in your survival pack?


Did you know, if you google search "michigan zombie" we're the forth result? We're moving up in the world!


Adrian, MI


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