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CrossFit Vallejo CrossFit Vallejo...changing the way you think about fitness. CrossFit Vallejo is a community; a family that sweats and suffers, laughs with & supports each other. We are not your typical gym, and therefore, we take pride in not operating like one.


This Saturday after the WOD we will be cleaning our new house. Please come out for the WOD or just to help for a while with cleaning. Thanks!


We are up and running in our new home, 100 Napa Junction Rd at the very top of the hill. Stop in for a WOD or just to see our amazing RIG! Off of Hwy 29 heading north, make a left on Napa Junction Rd, Take the 1st right onto Lombard Rd, Take the 1st left onto Hess Rd, Hess Rd turns right and becomes Napa Junction Rd, then just head on up until you can go any further and you have reached our Utopia!!!!!

CrossFit Vallejo's cover photo

CrossFit Vallejo's cover photo


Have you seen the new box? It's amazing!!!! Come by and check us out.


Tomorrow we will be having a WOD at the new box at 9am. It's called "Get Her Done!" We need all hands on deck to finish what needs to be done to open Monday. We have all levels of projects, so pack up your family and come support our new box. 100 Napa Junction Rd. I can give directions for any one that needs them.

Coach starting to lay the floor and lifting platforms in the new box! We need help tomorrow finishing this project. Star...

Coach starting to lay the floor and lifting platforms in the new box! We need help tomorrow finishing this project. Starting at 10 and going till we're done.


Hey CFV family, coach needs our help, we are getting down to the wire and we need bodies. Lots left to do and very little time... We will be at the new box daily from 9am till late. We have to get everything done this week!


9:30am class tomorrow am!


9 am class tomorrow at the old spot! See you guys there!


There will be a Sat AM WOD...this Sat @9:00 old spot! Hope to see everyone there :)

Check out the progress of the new box.

Check out the progress of the new box.

Check out the progress of the new box.

Check out the progress of the new box.

Check out the progress of the new box.

Check out the progress of the new box.


Who wants in? Sac-Town Throwdown registration opens this Friday 12-21-12 @ 12:00. Comment if you want in. Here are the initial details

Initial Event Details 2013!
January 26-27th, 2013

Preliminary event details:
This year's event will be much like last years, with two days of competition in 3 divisions. Day one will be the qualifying day, expect a full day of well rounded tests of your fitness and skills. Day two will be the finals for the top 1/3rd of the teams in each division.

The open division is just that, OPEN and will be filled with Cali's best fitness competitors. The novice is defined as 1st year competitors will feature some of the best up and comers in the region. If you competed in last year's STTD you are out, but if your first competition was the CF Games Open 2012, you still qualify as a novice for this competition. Last but far from least is the masters division which is defined as 40 years of age or older on January 26th 2013. Of course we know that NorCal boasts some of the best masters athletes in the world.

The event will be held at the same venue as last year, the Placer County Fairgrounds in Roseville. Lets hope for good weather and expect to see some of the world's best athletes throwing it down!

Pre-Registration is open now to invited teams who are committing to fielding teams in all 3 divisions. 3 team price is at $700 ($60 per athlete.)

Pre-registration will end on December 21st at noon. At that time all remaining spots will be opened to all other affiliates/organizations, first come first serve at $250 per team.

Final team rosters and event waivers will be due on January 19th.


Reindeer Games 2012
CFV Rx Team


Reindeer Games 2012
CFV Scale Team switching to BeastMode

Reindeer Games 2012

Reindeer Games 2012

Reindeer Games 2012


So it looks like we have a challenge on our hands. Starting January 1 you will start with 1 burpee and increase by one each day. Paleo rules as the gym has had in the past. A burpee for cheat.... let's ring in the new year right.


Who's up for a 100 day burpee/paleo challenge. Rules are simple 100 days of burpees/paleo diet. Day 1, 1 burpee, day 2, 2 burpees etc... Twist.... An extra burpee for every cheat. Anyone up for this???


Saturday morning WOD @ 9:00am tomorrow. See you in the gym


So Lurong is coming to an end.... What was hardest for you, how did I make you feel? Will you do this again?


No class tomorrow at 4pm or 5pm.


No class tomorrow at 11! Sorry for anyinconvenience




So since we all have new hot bods after this long/crazy paleo challenge, I was hoping we could do a CFV club outing to Big Verns (now Little) club in SF! So here are the dates that I was thinking we could do Dec 1,8, or the 15th! Let me know who is interested!


Sunday REST! No classes!


Important update! Challenge ends 11/18 at 8:59!!!!! Lets finish strong, less than 2 weeks left and we can win this!


Hey guys we need to work on a plan to get some videos and then uploading them for Lurong. Extra bonus points for the gym!

FAME! It could be YOURS! CrossFit Vallejo is holding its FIRST ANNUAL T-SHIRT DESIGN COMPETITION ! We hear your cries for a new CFV T-Shirt/Sweatshirt/Tank Tops/Socks/Booty Shorts, and we aim...


Hey Lurongers.... we are ending are journey and there are still a few things to remember. 1st make sure to get all of your Benchmark WODS done in the next 2 weeks, pictures and measurements and as added bonus points for the gym, send in a video of your experience. (So anyone who cheated I expect to see a video post!!)

Snatch Balance

Found a video of Laura showing her strength on the snatch balance. Rest In Peace Laura Dunn aka "Mighty Mouse" you will be missed dearly.

Working the snatch balance.


It is with great sadness that CrossFit Vallejo bids farewell to a longtime friend and Beast, Laura Dunn.

Laura Dunn was a force to be reckoned with. This pint-size woman seemed shy and reserved, but once you made Laura smile, she opened up into a hurricane of hilarious and sarcastic energy. What Laura lacked in stature, she made up for with heart and tenacity. Her determination and drive to succeed, combined with an ability to lift weights which should have been “impossible for a woman of her size”, earned her the nickname “Mighty Mouse”. And mighty she was.

Laura was a fierce competitor - she would look at you while the clock counted down...3...2...1.. with a fire in her eyes that made you want to step away, hands in the air, surrendering to her based just on her game face. Her competitive nature didn’t overrule her compassion for her fellow beasts - Laura would cheer everyone on with the same determination she used to approach her own workouts, often rooting hardest for the underdog. She was a perfectionist, spending extra hours working on her olympic lifts, just to get it ‘right’. Laura’s drive to succeed was mighty, but so was her sense of humor. She swore like a sailor, told jokes that made the boys blush, and gave a good healthy dose of sh*t to those who she knew could handle it. We loved her for it. Her smile was huge. Her laughs were loud. And her strength was amazing.

We can still see Laura, camped out on the back right platform of the box, her little green chalk bag in hand, quietly cursing snatches and overhead squats, and then banging out rep after rep like ‘it ain’t no thang’. Her cackling laughter at a good dirty joke rings fresh in our minds, and her shouts of encouragement to her fellow beasts are ever present in our memories. One cannot think about Laura without remembering those damn baseball hats - how she could snatch, jerk, do burpees and handstand pushups, all while keeping a baseball hat on her head was amazing in its own right.

Our hearts break because we know Laura will never stroll through that roll up door, mint-water in hand, giant gym bag weighing her down, with a sarcastic joke just waiting to bubble out again. Her chalk bag is still in her cubby. Her jump rope still hangs where she last left it. Her name is still all over the WOD record boards. The loss of Laura is tragic. It’s sad. And it sucks. But if Laura was still around, you know she’d never put up with this mopey crap. She would punch us in the arm, tell us to “PULL IT TOGETHER!”, and then make us jump right back into the work we were doing. So we will. But we won’t forget you, Laura. Your laugh, your strength, your crazy hats and love of John Deer & camouflage, your jokes, your generosity, your sarcasm, and your tenacity all lives on within the hearts of the CrossFit Vallejo family forever. We are eternally grateful to have had you in our lives, Mighty Mouse. We miss you dearly and love you always.

The gym will be CLOSED Thursday, November 1st for Laura Dunn’s Memorial Services.
Services will be held at Tulocay:
411 Coombsville Road
Napa, CA 94558

Sevices begin at 12:00 - 1:30, with reception from 1:30 - 3:30 pm.


SUNDAY- 4PM MOBILITY 5PM STRENGTH! Don't be late class will not wait for you.

So why is Mobility so important?

Look at it this way, mobility dictates positioning. This is what allows you to successfully complete movement patterns efficiently. A good example is a slingshot, since our muscles are like elastics. If you have a slingshot and you can barely pull back the band, does it make sense to make the band even stronger? The problem is, it actually gives it a slight improvement which is all the more misleading. A stronger band would probably improve performance slightly, but think about how much better it would be if you decided to focus on how you could pull the band back further? Attaining full range of motion will allow the elastic to build up more energy and allow the shot to be more accurate. This is how you need to treat your body. Stop focusing on getting stronger when you’ve got poor range of motion and terrible movement patterns.Enough is enough. Learn how to use your body more efficiently first, THEN you can increase your strength again.

Mobility is something we lose over time, we are born with proper technique and good joint range of motion, but years of inactivity and sitting behind a desk take it away. It is possible to get it back, you just have to put in a little extra time.


Challenge ends per rules November 18th at 11:59pm.

CrossFit Vallejo's cover photo

CrossFit Vallejo's cover photo


We Care About Vallejo is having another clean up Saturday. We will be meeting in the Elks parking lot at 8:30am and we will clean from Redwood to Colombus Prky. Please join us to make our city a better place to live and work!


5 weeks down..... And a killer performance WOD tomorrow.... We can do this!


4pm & 5pm MOBILITY WOD!


145 Valle Vista Ave Ste D
American Canyon, CA


(707) 644-3226


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